Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Shower Book

My best friends niece had her baby and I made her this book for her baby shower. I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures.

I don't buy cardstock. I just use cereal boxes or whatever else I have in the house. 

After cutting out all of the pages, I used some light purple paint to paint around the edges so that you couldn't see the brown or whatever color of cardstock. 

Then I cut out the papers to go on these pages. You have to mirror the image to get the paper to cover the back.

This is what I came up with at the end. 

I don't have a bind it all or a cinch so I just used my crop a dile and put some big eyelets in the covers and put some ribbon on it. I also added the name of the baby on the front. 

Thanks for looking. :) And I'm so sorry I don't remember who I downloaded this cut file from. But If it was you, let me know please so i can give credit where credit is due.


Sheree said...

That an adorable album! I just love the colors...what kind of paint did you use?

Sheree said...

You asked me what part of New Mexico I was from and I cannot seem to find an area on your blog to privately answer. I am living in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Are you in Farmington?
My email address is

Monique Leslie The Misfit Crafter said...

Cool idea...hey I need your address for the hello kitty bag challenge. email it to me please.

Marlene said...

Wow - that's pretty crafty!

Thanks for stopping by my blog during "The Little Hop of Horrors" Halloween Blog Hop. Very much appreciated!

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