Thursday, January 5, 2012

January! (last one for today)

If you can't tell I was hooked on the LSHD blog! I made the two cards and wanted to make something more. I ordered the months up to May but just got January done today.
 I listed my dates and names of people in my family that have a birthday this month on the column to the right. I also wrote in all the days and dates.

This is a sock hat paper piecing that was super simple to put together. I added the white lines to just add some more detail to it and the top star part of the hat has some glitter on it that's very hard to see.

This party hat and confetti was super simple to cute and assemble. The yellow part of the hat has glitter too.
 Here are the mittens and I think they were the easiest to assemble!
I love the snowman and added the white to the eyes. Also chalked the outside and parts on this to make it pop!
 Last is the champagne and glasses! Why not toast to the new year? They were very easy to assemble and I also added some glitter to the glasses and bottle.

This was a great project and I can't wait to start the other months! Thanks for looking!


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